Our Sculptors

Richard Paton MRSS

Based in London, Richard’s multi-media sculptures explore science and how these ideas shape our view of the world. By using the invisible force of a magnetic field as a metaphor to look at cultural issues, he brings a poetic kinetic tension to the form.
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Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Mixed media

Richard gained an MA in Art & Science from Central St. Martins in London with a specialist interest in Magneto-Reception.   His work explores relationships to the natural world through the lenses of science and philosophy as a means to understand experiences of everyday phenomena.  He has long been concerned with how the earth and its animals are exploited by humans, looking for poetic ways to visualise the inherent conflict.  

Richard works in a variety of media most recently electronics, magnets and gear systems to animate what might be called 'mechanical gestures'.  Sound, light and movement are important elements which aim to engage an audience on different sensory levels to raise contemporary cultural issues.  "From the very real prospect of extinction" he says, "comes the necessity for creative thought and collective communication". 

Richard is a finalist in the 2021 National Sculpture Competition.