Our Sculptors

Neil Ferber MRSS

Abstract work in marble and bronze. Architectural and geometric in style.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief

Neil Ferber has been making sculptures for almost 50 years. His work is totally abstract, often architectural or geometric in feel. It is formal in that it does not represent anything external to itself. The works are compositions arising from the use of traditional sculptural elements such as mass, plane, line, weight and space. Playing intuitively with clay and by a process of trial and error he arrives at compositions that are fully three dimensional, where no one view point dominates. The process is governed by a constant search for an inner logic, a feeling of rightness, that gives the sculpture a unity. He now lives in Pietrasanta, Tuscany where he continues to transfer his compositions into more permanent materials, such as marble or bronze.
Neil's sculptures are in private collections in Italy, Sweden, England and the USA.