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Nadia Galbiati MRSS

I'm an Italian artist, living and working in Milan. I was born in 1975 and studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.
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Metal (other)
East Midlands
The analysis of space as the material and form of sculpture, the study of architectural forms and the relationship they establish with the space around them is the theme on which I focus my artistic research. My entire body of sculpture, from my earliest sculptures to the sheet metal installations, is based on the study of the angle. In sculpture as a representation of the dialogue between space and material, the first form that makes this relationship explicit in my experimentation is the angle: the first element and sign that represents Space as the material of the third dimension; structure and place, from which the material of the Void may become manifest. The process of analysis is focused on the relationship between the form of the architectural work and the place, from the material of form to the material of void. The positive and the negative of the same form. The relationship with built elements is something I feel deeply inside, it is part of my landscape, my experience of places, my experience within the urban context. I begin to elaborate this analysis by appropriating and reinterpreting the territories and macro-structures of buildings which I capture in a comprehensive personal series of photographs. They are studied and mapped to generate the three-dimensional forms and engraved signs. My analysis concentrates primarily on the Rationalist architecture of the 1930s, advancing to the most recent architectural experiences in which Rationalist thought remains manifest, in the minimal forms and the stress on technical construction details, in the relationship between solid space and void space.
The cross-fertilisation of techniques allows me to interpret the theme of Space from a broader perspective. I try in my works to produce an aesthetic and ethical experience, profferring a question to resolve, a sensation to analyse. I use sculpture to produce a place for thought.