Our Sculptors

Mark Houghton MRSS

Mark works with the poetics of space and the tension between found objects placed within the context of his defined boundary. He is a conductor, orchestrating objects so that they become redefined in his hands – delivering bold graphic statements from materials usually unseen and unvalued.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media

The work utilises found objects and materials that are incorporated into sculptural installations. I am interested in the reciprocal relationship of space and object, and how one informs and modifies the readings of the other.
These modified interpretations allow new meanings to emerge. The work highlights overlooked aspects of the everyday, and is an attempt to decode and decipher the complexity of the environments that we inhabit and inherit. The work is about the experience of the space that contains the work, and sensing how relationships change, and how this can shift the hierarchy of an object within a grouping. The objects are carefully arranged to invite negotiation, so the space in between these elements becomes integral to the work, as does the viewer’s interpretation and experience of the work, meaning that this notion becomes an endemic feature of the work and it’s intended function.