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marco bizzarri GBA

Marco Bizzarri (b. 1988, Chile)
A multi-disciplined artist, Bizzarri is speaking and finding expression within painting, sculpture, video and installation to give attention to the issues of ecocide, human displacement as well as the exploitation of nature.
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Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Metal (other)

Marco Bizzarri's practice (1988) explores conflicts that are a result of the unsustainable and insistent exploitation in the name of progress. Bizzarri's work has a profound sensitivity to the current context; they reveal the inevitable collision between nature and humans, exposing the collateral damage and the ultimate risks to our existence. Utilising methods of exposure and concealment, the works refuse to let us ignore the urgent problems yet also reflect our tendency to pretend the imminent danger is not there, his use of concealment functions symbolically as our own refusal to understand.

Body and landscape become a common thread of his work, which, without having a particular interest in naturalism or realism, always appear spectral or chaotic. His paintings utilise drips and an intense colour, presenting a world that must be carefully observed, in it our dissatisfaction towards what surrounds us becomes evident as it exhibits the results: corroded landscape, vanished bodies, ruined buildings and forgotten objects: the evidence of development.