Our Sculptors

Lisa Evans MRSS

Lisa Evans is a visual artist based in West Wales working in the fields of sculpture, installation and performance.
Found Objects
Mixed media

My practice is concerned with juxtaposition between industry (durable) and the domestic (organic) through questioning the enduring nature and assemblages of objects. I explore the blurred boundary between the fields of installation and sculpture with material experimentation that investigates the imbalance tendencies of their spatial relationship and the materiality of destabilisation and transformation. My focus on minimal structures that concur with organic matter forms an apparent response to the human experience. There is a clear emphasis on material such as soil, human hair, plaster and wax that procure a jarring yet intimate dialogue with the spatial experience during the course of their creation. It is through such experimentation that my works develop qualities of containment and an uneasy relationship between the organic and the abject; transcending into a temporary state of destruction.
My current research has developed a framework into the exploration of place and body; to highlight the potential extraordinary quality of our everyday spaces. Recent works exist at the intersection of confronting and challenging the social aspects of gender relations through performative actions; questioning my body as an expression and gendered site.