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Lisa Delarny MRSS

My work evolves slowly, as I change it changes. As such I suppose it is about the human journey. I want form and concept to be of equal importance in what I make.
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North East

Diploma of Art 1982-83

BA hons Sculpture Canterbury 1983-86

Membership Royal British Society of Sculptors 1991

I have been making figurative sculpture for many years. The work has slowly evolved or changed as I have. It is a working through of ideas and realities and a process of discovery. I want form and concept to be of equal importance in what I make.
There are many things in our lives we do not question, fairness, equality, and freedom we all agree are rights worth fighting for. Our empathy for each other is highly valued. But if we do not look after our planet and extend our empathy to all living things, including our living planet we degrade ourselves and it will be our down fall. Climate change is fast becoming a real threat and we are living through a mass extinction, both due to human activity. Asking questions about how we choose to live are fundamental to sustainability, my work is becoming an exploration into our life choices, and I wish to provoke thought and critical thinking.