Our Sculptors

Laurent Martin "Lo" MRSS

I explore the possibilities of bamboo. I work on the physical and sensorial virtues of the organic material: flexibility, resistance, density, and lightness. I look for movement and balance following bamboo´s mathematical laws and sensuality.
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Laurent Martin “Lo” works on gravity-defying bamboo sculptures. He draws in the air curves of harmony. A fragile balance achieves through opposites: flexibility and strength, fullness and void, light and shadow, movement and quietness.

Lo´s bamboo swings, shaped from solid canes to thin and articulating contours, take over the space establishing an energetic dialogue with the viewer and the surroundings.

Since 2004 Laurent Martin “Lo” is following his "bamboo route". He divides his time between his workshop in the Ampurdan (Spain) and field trips studying and investigating bamboo in different parts of the world. He traveled to remote areas in Southeast Asia learning old techniques from the communities for whom bamboo is an essential resource. He learned the strong spiritual and emotional charge within bamboo. In Central America, he studied the spatial properties of bamboo. In Indonesia, he discovered the fusion of contemporary techniques and bamboo´s spirituality.