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Laura Renna MRSS

Italian artist born in 1971.
In 2008 she won the Arnaldo Pomodoro Prize at the International Competition for Young Sculptors. Finalist in 2018 of the Lissone Prize and in 2016 of Henraux Foundation Award.
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Found Objects
Metal (other)
Mixed media

Nature, handcrafted and industrial work, memory, metamorphose and space: my research moves around these themes. My works talks about sculpture, even if sometimes they don’t become concrete and defined objects.

It’s a work in progress: it shows up in a suspended dimension that makes it a potentially space.

The place is the first element that influences and suggests the project and the means by which elaborate it. Even the temporary assemblages, created only to be photographed and reassembled, dialogue with the space, my mental one and the physical one of my studio.

The work, result of a handcrafted practice, reveals a transformative attitude with the intention of remodel what has lost value and function.

All works investigates the remote sense of a natural communion of things with humans: working with nature as an organic womb that produces life and transforms matter, I develops a multiform idea of works ranging from sculpture to installation, from photography to environment, in a slow empathic process with the materials. Proxemics in my work is the result of intimate distances, embraces, intermingling, amassing, struggles with matter, that I experiments on myself in an attentive and poetic doing and undoing, then consigning it to the public in a gesture of love and trust: whoever receives must in some way reply, strive, contemplate, and act in the vision-sensation of my works.

Major solo exhibitions: Acrocori / Accrochés, Villa Contemporanea, Monza, 2018; Phantasmata, Palazzo Averoldi, Brescia, 2018; Between us, Marignana Arte, Venezia, 2017; Laura Renna, Que reste-t-il, Adiacenze Gallery, Bologna, 2016; Disarmonica Grazia, Annarumma Gallery, Naples, 2014; Moquette, Galleria Civica di Modena, 2007. 

Selected group exhibitions: Shenzhen Biennale, Louhu Art museum, Shenzhen, 2018; E-Merging Nature, Marignana Arte, Venezia; The hidden dimension, Marignana Arte, Venezia, 2017; Nuove acquisizioni, inediti e riscoperte dalla collezione della Galleria civica di Modena, Palazzo Santa Margherita, Modena, 2014; Rosa Piero, Rosa Tiepolo, Rosa Spalletti, Rosa ..., Gallery Studio la Città, Verona, 2013; La scultura italiana del XXI secolo, the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan 2010; Junkbuilding, Bovisa Triennale of Milano, 2008.


MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone, Italy.

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano, Italy.

Galleria civica di Modena, Italy.

ArteFiera , Bologna, Italy.