Our Sculptors

Katherine Gili FRSS

Based in Kent, working mainly in steel, forged, constructed and welded
South East

My work is based upon a particular approach to the observed, dynamics of the human body. The body is not my subject but its physicality is my source of sculptural invention. I do not seek the literal, the allegorical or the metaphorical. I want to go beyond external appearances or associations to create a particular and unique heightened experience of the physical, fully expressed in three dimensional space.

I have been working with steel for forty four years. I have never been daunted by the material but have always wanted to shape it and build with it myself.  I work directly with the material in the studio with no preconceived idea of what the sculpture should look like.

I continually try to rethink the relationship between my source; the material and the construction of the sculpture, to approach it with different emphasis each time.