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John Gibbons FRSS

John Gibbons is a Fellow of the Society and has work in both public and private collections.
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Metal (other)

“My sculpture is a dialogue of exposure - of bringing into the world some deeper sense/need, like a seed in the earth on feeling the sun’s spring heat. This journey, drawn by intuition to the place where all is one – a nothingness – a wilderness to be engaged with and from where vistas are opened on to the human physic.”

John Gibbons

“As the title of Letter/Replying To You 2009 suggests, Gibbons’ sculpture has a message. This comes from an unknown inner source; and then, having acquired physical form, it is offered to the viewer. Delivered from an area of experience shared by all, it expresses a truth both intimate and hidden, yet universal.”

“Arguably one of the hallmarks of any art of significance is its capacity to change the way we look at things. Gibbons’ work constitutes a distinctive exploration of areas of experience which we sometimes overlook or take for granted because of their containment within the precincts of the familiar. Hissculpture draws the spaces we occupy into poetic alignment with the body we inhabit, underlining and illuminating some fundamental aspects of life. In so doing it returns us to our surroundings with a heightened awareness of ourselves and our relation to the world.”

Paul Moorhouse

His work is included in a number of prestigious public collections, including those of the Tate (London), The Arts Council England, Edmonton Art Gallery (Canada), The Modern Art Centre (Lisbon), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona) and The Czech Museum of Fine Arts(Prague).