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Jo Lathwood MRSS

Jo Lathwood makes sculptures and large scale installations which regularly respond to a particular site, event, material or process. Recurring themes are transitions, journeys, viewpoints, and illusions.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Metal (other)
Mixed media
South West

Jo Lathwood was born in Bristol, England in 1984.

She studied at the University of Brighton where she acquired a First Class Degree in Fine Art Sculpture.  Working with recycled timber she has built a meandering staircase that traveled across 3 stories to facilitate the audience to touch the roof of a church.  Experimenting with foundry technologies she has developed a way of making homemade lava sculptures. And though researching traditional techniques she has made inks from Oak Galls.

Between 2012 - 2018, she co-directed ‘Ore and Ingot’ an artist-led traveling bronze foundry.  She has shown work in galleries around the UK and internationally and has taken part in various residency programs and biennials in the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Lithuanian and Austria. Her portfolio varies greatly in form, scale, context and method of production, encompassing: temporary and permanent public art, exhibitions curated for galleries, heritage sites and studio-based work. She is currently working on a sustainable manifesto for creating sculpture.