Our Sculptors

Jessica Lloyd-Jones MRSS

Mixed media
Metal (other)
Merging art, science and technology, Jessica Lloyd-Jones’ work explores concepts of energy, matter and optical phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light to provide new perspectives on the world in which we live.

The artist enjoys gaining insight into scientific processes which she reinvents in new creative ways. Creating sculpture and light installations from a variety of materials including glass, metal, plastic, coal and neon, she draws inspiration from diverse subjects such as electricity, astronomy, mineralogy, bioluminescence and photonics.

Experimenting with the physical properties of materials and the intangible nature of light, Lloyd-Jones’ explores a dialogue between the material and non-material world, often employing elements of illumination to evoke active energy and sensory experience. Her interest in how energy is transferred and stored, has led the artist to investigate its role in both the natural environment and modern technology, including the relationship between energy and landscape.