Our Sculptors

Glenis Devereux MRSS

Glenis works in the classical figurative style, based in the UK..

Having always worked free-lance, I have created many designs over years for major international companies.  In more recent years, I have concentrated on my Limited Edition Bronze figurative works. My finely detailed period ‘Bathers’ range is ongoing, having become something of a Devereux signature theme.  It is a subject which allows me scope to portray a combination of, in my opinion, the most endearing of feminine traits: gentleness, sensuality, beauty, serenity and elegance, but always with an underlying sense of strength.

Pan, however, as the antithesis of all things feminine, allowed the opportunity to portray the male form with its intrinsic masculinity.  Pan’s wicked yet mischievously handsome countenance, with the obvious intent of seduction, is intended to strike a cord with both the male and female onlooker, but each from a totally different perspective.

Work ethic: “Improvement, the perpetual path: perfection, the unreachable destination: complacency, the enemy.” - Glenis Devereux