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Eleni Zevgaridou MRSS

Eleni Zevgaridou is a Greek artist leaving in Lincoln. Eleni's work is figurative, narrative, abstract, and lately about portraiture. The materials she employs are clay, plaster, mixed media, and resin.
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East Midlands
My work in sculpture takes a variety of forms, abstract, figurative, and narrative. The materials are clay, resin, plaster, mixed media. All my sculptural work share a fascination with human connections, body language, and individuality. My latest project, “Nomatei - a koinônia of minumental figures”, is an installation of handmade, minumental, representational, full body portraits of individuals made of fired clay. "Nomatei" has being exhibited in Lincoln UK in 2 group exhibitions and in a solo exhibition in Athens Greece. My research examines the human connection, representation, gift exchange, issues of verisimilitude, and the enhanced but also uncanny experience of sculptures sharing a physical space with the spectator, through their palpable and material nature.
My investigation is about a complex web of interactions which take place in the process between artist, subject, viewer, participant, recipient, audience, and object.