Our Sculptors

Caroline Locke MRSS

Caroline Locke is renowned for her sculptures and large-scale immersive installations. Working with sculptural devices, water, new and old technology, sound, video and live elements, Locke makes works that are often sited in public spaces as well as in galleries and performance venues.
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Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media
East Midlands

Influenced by the scientific theory that all things vibrate, Locke began experimenting with making particular frequencies visible using cymatics – the sending of sound through water in order to visualise it. Live performances where musicians revealed the sight of the sound of their instruments followed and large scale immersive environments where audiences interacted and triggered soundscapes sent through the water came later. 

Caroline uses tools and inventions to capture the imagination and to reveal the magic in our natural world. Her work has been attuned to natural ecologies for many years. She has explored water and it’s natural circulatory systems, made works in connection to gravity, the sea and the internal body. More recently Locke has been recording the movement of trees and is exploring ways to relate this data to sound. She is activating publicly engaged projects, working closely with people and communities.