Our Sculptors

Andrew Kearney MRSS

Kearney considers landscapes and buildings as repositories of knowledge. Working with concrete tower-blocks or garden suburbs, managed wildernesses or abandoned factories, he reflects on how buildings function within a landscape; how people circulate through them; and the power-relations that underpin those histories.
Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Mixed media

Artist Statment

Expanding on notions of everyday phenomena, gender identity and surveillance, his practice builds on the mediating nature of the artwork situated in the space it inhabits. The work exists as a form of disturbance, presenting as incident as much as objects, exposing numerous underlying and unfolding narratives.

Dovetailing traditional practices like sculpture, photography and installation with current technologies, allows for unpredictable rhythms within the art process, instilling the corporeal elements of the work with the ephemeral qualities of everyday phenomena. Live external sound feeds, combined with the manipulation of light and colour, are employed to score and introduce new synthesis within a given space, shifting between the familiar and unfamiliar.

Ideas of modernity, humans landing on the moon, the representation of science fiction’s influence on our day-to-day has been a personal source of research for him. Still today these dystopian ideas and synthetic humanmade materials allude to contemporary industrial processes, places of production, systematic surveillance and data collection.  This sense of otherness is an underlying reference in the work, of journeying beyond, out of oneself or towards the unknown, one that counteracts the historical character of the environment where the work is presented, further seeking the audience, now participating co-creators to reassess their own relationships with the narratives presented.

Working at different scales and ranging from the intimate to the monumental, each intervention has become a window into how these artworks inhabit each space, recuperating and bring to life memories - whether real or imagined, desires or dreams.


Andrew Kearney b. 1961, (IE/UK) studied sculpture at Limerick College of Art and Design Ireland, before going on to obtain an MA in sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design, (London 1991).

Awards and Residencies include winner of the Barclays Young Artist Award, Serpentine Gallery, (London 1992), PS1 Studio Award (New York, 1993), Informal Architecture, Banff, (Canada 2004), Phase2 and Spaces Buildings Make, Arts & Humanities Council, research funded project, Middlesex University, (London 2005-2008), Centre Culturel Irlandais (Paris, 2015), Watts Gallery (Surrey, 2016), Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon (HK 2019).

Commissions include Long Thin Thread (Heathrow Airport Terminal One, 1996), Illumination (Boiler House in Ballymun housing estate, Dublin 2002) Liquid Mountain (Wexford Opera House, 2009), SKYLUM (Nuit Blanche, Toronto, 2012) and (Justus Lipsius Council Building, Brussels, 2013), and Tell Me Something (Limerick City of Culture, 2015).

Solo exhibitions include Temporal Change, Douglas Hyde Gallery (Dublin 1995); The Policing of Pleasure, Camden Arts Centre (London, 1997); With Intent, (Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland 2001); Man Size, The Phatory, (New York, 2012); The Meaning of Nothing, Limerick City Gallery of Art, (Ireland 2014). Through 2017 to 2019 he toured his multifaceted installation Mechanism at Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, The Dock Gallery Carrick-on-Shannon, (Ireland 2017), and at Crawford Gallery of Art, Cork (Ireland, 2019); Remote Sample Access, HKBU, Kowloon, (Hong Kong 2019)